Aishah learns to bake

“AISHAH LEARNS TO BAKE” is a fun and creative way to explain how to bake a cake, with an islamic theme. The book is suitable for young readers.

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The story is about a young girl named Aishah who is very eager to help her mum, Mariam to cook in the kitchen. Mariam then makes the whole atmosphere in the kitchen fun in playing a guessing game with Aishah. This is where the fun starts. Mariam give hints that we need a fruit that has a ‘Special Powers’ and Allah even says we will find this fruit up in Heaven! They also need all sorts of ingredients from ‘a cow’, ‘chicken’, etc that even make funny sounds!! In guessing the ingredients that are needed to bake a cake Mariam then explains where they come from.


At the end of the story the child learns not only how a cake is made but the connections with the ingredients and ultimately Allah is the Provider. We as humans are blessed with so many things we can’t even count.


The story book is a great preparation to teach a child to cook. In sha Allah it will encourage the young reader to want to bake following the recipe at the same time appreciating Allah’s blessings.

Surprise your child with a personalised eBook and watch their face light up with delight! 

Written by:

Ahmad Peerbux

Alhamdulillah Personalised eBook

The Alhamdulillah (All Praise be to Allah) eBook involves the child directly in the story by using their name, age and parents name. Their siblings, friends, relatives or pets names can also be included in the eBook.

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Any child will be excited to read a book  that is personalised especially for them. While having fun, at the same time they will be able to discover and appreciate the many gifts that Allah has given us in the world. The ability to see, hear and touch.


The eBook is a perfect gift for children of all ages as they are eye catching, illustrated in full colour and lots of fun!! To make these personalised eBook even more special they contain a dedication from you and a duah page, encouraging love and closeness. Being able to take advantage of the early development years is crucial in cementing our children to have a deep love for Allah, Islam and islamic morals.

In sha Allah we hope the eBook will encourage your child to always say Alhamdulillah to thank Allah for all His blessings.

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