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1442-1443 Hijri


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A Muslim Child Islamic calendar 2021/1442 - 1443 Hijri is a fun way to teach children about the Islamic calendar and how it corresponds to the Gregorian calendar.


The 2021 new year in the Gregorian calendar starts in January. It is based on the solar system.


The current Islamic year is 1442AH, the new year does not start until August 26th 2021. It is based on the lunar system.


Our free printable calendar has each month in its own page. You can print them individually month by month or all at once. It is a fun way for children (and adults too!) to plan and organize their lives!


We have also included some quotes about Allah, Islam, hadith and important dates. Hope you will benefit from it, In sha Allah. 


Note: The printout is for personal use only.


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